The image of multiple faiths inside the Native Medicine Wheel symbolizes the MFGM commitment to all faiths


The MultiFaith Gospel Ministries is an organization of ministers from different faith backgrounds which are committed to teaching the truth about religion and faith based living.


We work to educate people of faith and people on a faith journey to seek the answer to their most important faith questions in their own time and in their own way.  We help individuals learn how to examine the truths that faiths provide and find the answer that guides their path in a journey to spiritual health and well being.


We work to secure justice in our lives, in our communities, and in our faith.  We work to insure that the true lessons of the creator are explored and understood by all those who seek to understand  the truths of faith and spirituality.


The MultiFaith Gospel Ministries (MGM) is founded on the principles that religious faith is the practice of spiritual enlightenment guided by the principles of “Do no Harm” and “Inclusion” combined with the concepts of love and charity.


We are an organization of spiritual people and ministers from multiple faith backgrounds with one uniformed basic principle, which is that no one religion is the only correct religion and that all religions which are based on “do no harm” and “inclusion” are on the path to the Creator.


We believe that the Creator intended all of us to find a spiritual foundation that resonates with our experience and our culture.  In order for the Creator to make the principle of spirituality a reality in all of our lives, which will also conform to the concept of free will, the creator gave us choices in paths of religious observation in order for us to be dedicated to the faith we hold closest to our values and beliefs.


We started the MGM to be an organization of multiple religious backgrounds that honor our core belief in the power of enlightenment to a spiritual truth which unites all human kind and eliminates hate, and disrespect.  We believe that sharing our foundation faiths with each other and practicing the common elements of these faiths will bring us all closer to each other and to the world of our Creator.